International Guidelines

Guidelines for International Buyers.
Please read before purchasing anything from us. This is an important information.

Shipping our products internationally can be very costly thus international customers (outside PH) are not included in our delivery fund system. This means, you will have to shoulder your own shipping fee alone.

  • International customers doesn’t have a flat rate shipping fee, all rates will be based on your location (and rates are not based on weight unless it will exceed 2kg)
  • We will not deduct any amount from the delivery fund, so for example, your shipping fee is $12 (₱600) then you have to pay the said amount alone. Unlike those included in our delivery fund system (PH), if their flat rate shipping fee is $1 (₱49) and we paid $2 (₱99) for shipping, then we will shoulder the remaining cost, deducting it from the delivery fund.

We may NOT approve all orders outside of the Philippines. All orders are manually approved, but international orders need follow-up confirmations and the process may take longer, but still depends on how fast you reply to our first confirmation email. After the follow-up confirmation email, we will then send you an email confirming that your order has been approved or rejected.

  • For approved orders, we will then proceed with processing your order/s within 24 hours.
  • For rejected orders, we will then send you an email with recommendation on where you can buy locally. This way, you can save more. We decided to do this rather than luring you into buying in our shop knowing you have to pay a very costly shipping fee. (ALL our recommendations are NOT our partners, affiliates and definitely NOT related to us, I swear. Tbh, they are our competitors lol)

We promise a FAST SHIPPING but Philippine buyers will experience the fastest shipping. Delivery time for International customers are similar to other delivery time frame (usually 7-15 business days, 15-30 business days) but we promised that you’ll receive your order not more than five weeks. If the delivery was delayed without any valid reason (holidays, typhoons, etc.) then you can ask for a refund.

We give BIG discount to ALL our International customers*. We have applied this $1 rule for our International customers which means you’ll get to purchase our products in it’s original price* plus $1 processing fee (shipping fee excluded).
*You have to send us a message first so we can send you a unique coupon code
**Original price means the price we paid to our supplier or, the amount of money we have spent in making the product.

We give freebies to ALL our customers with orders more than $25

Orders Freebies
(EXO & BTS only, other groups are upon request)
$35 – $49 Free unofficial t-shirt, black/white, bias name
$50-79 Free unofficial t-shirt, black/white, bias name
+ 2 unofficial posters (+$5 if you want it tubed)
$80-99 Free unofficial t-shirt, black/white, bias name
+ 2 unofficial posters (+$5 if you want it tubed)
+ 2 key chain
$99-149 Free unofficial t-shirt, black/white, bias name
+ 3 unofficial posters (+$5 if you want it tubed)
+3 key chain
$150-199 Free unofficial t-shirt, black/white, bias name
+ 4 unofficial posters (tubed, free)
+ 3 key chain
+1 unofficial photo book
$200-349 Free unofficial t-shirt, any color
+4 unofficial posters (tubed, free)
+3 key chains
+1 unofficial photo book
+1 set of unofficial photo cards
above $350 Free album of your choice
+1 unofficial t-shirt 
+5 unofficial posters (tubed, free)
+3 key chains
+1  unofficial photo book
+1 set of unofficial photobook



  • Buying in bulk, If you want something to buy from us, then wishlist it for a while then comeback and wishlist something again every once in a while. Then you can purchase all your wishlist on Christmas day or on your birthday. In case the product you have wishlist is out of-stock, then we promise to make it just for you, no additional fees or anything, you just have to wait for 2 days. This way, you will save a lot on shipping fee, you will enjoy big discounts and you will get more freebies!
  • If you have friends who will also buy something from us, then buy it under one order so you only need to pay for one shipping fee. Share the burden of your shipping fee with your friends!
  • If you’re willing to pick-up your order from your local post office then you’ll be able to save more. Sending small packets thru post office is the best way to save big on shipping fees, the only disadvantage is that you will need to wait for up to five weeks before you received your order.

If you have any questions you cannot find in our website, then please, feel free to contact us anytime. 

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